What do we mean by “forever”?

Forever is a difficult concept, because it’s kind of abstract. We aim to define forever as 150 years, which, in our opinion, is forever in this digital day and age. Of course, we hope that the project continues beyond 150 years (even if we’re not around to check on that), but there will be new technology available, perhaps in a more efficient format. So how do we keep something online for 150 years if we’re not going to be around to make sure it’s still there? We have calculated that if we reach 100,000 stories, we will have enough funds to reach the “Digital Forever threshold,” which means we are theoretically able to sustain the Forever Stories© server for those 150 years. We’ll achieve that when the funds are available to support a foundation and notary fees for 100 years, assuming that once that century has passed, either new funds for another 50 years will be acquired or server costs will go down dramatically. The foundation will set up a fund that will be controlled by a renowned Dutch notary, who will make sure that the server, with all the stories, remains online until at least 2171.