We initiated Forever Stories© because we wanted the stories of our loved ones to exist forever. But we cannot do that alone. We need each other. We also wanted to share this option with everybody, whatever their financial means. So, our initial thought was to make the whole concept free but, after we’d done a few calculations, we concluded that to reach a digital forever, we needed funds. Keeping everything for free wasn’t an option, but we don’t want to charge a recurrent fee. Given the author of the story is not around anymore, who will make the payments? And if the payments are not met, should we remove the story? Doing that would miss the whole point of Forever Stories. So, we decided to create three tiers of one-time fees, depending on the amount of space and technology the story is using.


Free: to keep Forever Stories available for anyone, we start with a (limited) free option.

Regular: for those who want more options and more photos, and want to help us reach a Digital Forever threshold together, a basic story is EUR4.99.*

Premium: for those who want to make use of all the options available, the premium option is a one-time charge of EUR14.99.*


The downside of one-time fees is that we don’t get a constant income to keep improving and adding options. However, we do want to add new possibilities in the future. Therefore, we might charge additional fees in the future for new options, such as bigger photo galleries. The story that you buy and write now, though, will not be subject to another charge.


*excluding VAT and payment fees, depending on your location and preferred payment method.



  • imgSaved forever
  • imgProfile picture
  • imgShare and invite others


One time fee

  • imgUp to 10 photos
  • imgCollaborate with 2 share
  • imgChoose a template
  • imgSupport Forever Stories


One time fee

  • imgImage gallery
  • imgCollaborae with unlimited others
  • imgAdd audio files
  • imgLink to videos
  • imgLink to family
  • imgMake custom page link